Modeling Motion: High School Math Activities with the CBR

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This workbook provides high school students with "hands-on" motion activities using the Texas Instruments Calculator-Based Ranger™ (CBR™). The CBR is a stand-alone motion data collection device that sends data to a TI graphing calculator for analysis. This book provides detailed instructions for analysis on either the TI-83 or TI-82 graphing calculator. The mathematics topics in these activities range from algebra through calculus.

Students explore hands-on data gathering activities in this 14-topic workbook that covers important concepts in Algebra, Pre-calculus, and Physics.

Author(s) - Linda Antinone, Sam Gough, and Jill Gough

Table of Contents

1.   Stretching a Penny

2.   Flipping a Penny

3.   Walk This Walk

4.   What is Gravity?

5.   How Far Did You Walk?

6.   Intersection

7.   Match This

8.   The Bouncing Ball

9.   Conserving Energy

10. Velocity and the Bouncing Ball

11. Bounce Back

12. Sequence of Bounces

13. Good Vibrations

14. Swinging Along