A Den of Inquiry, Volume 2

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A Den of Inquiry, Volume 2, is a collection of 16 sensor-based activities for introductory physics. Topics include kinematics, mechanics and energy; activities emphasize data analysis and modeling. Either Fathom 2.1 or Logger Pro software can be used. Each lab includes blackline masters for student handouts and extensive teacher notes, including extensions and options for making the activities more open-ended.

For further inquiry, A Den of Inquiry, Volume 1 is available.

Table of Contents

Counting Clips
Measuring Paragraphs
Hooke’s Law with Tension Springs
Hanging Isosceles Triangle
Buoyancy and Density
A Weight on a Table
Dynamic Teeter Totter
Rolling for Data
Rolling Down Ramps Redux
Rolling Friction
Pendulum and Energy Conservation
Falling Rulers
Kinetic Friction on a Ramp
Bouncing Balls and Energy Loss
The Elevator
Impulse: the Physics of Crashing and Bouncing
Vertical Pendulum