Physics with Video Analysis

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The Physics with Video Analysis book contains a wide selection of video analysis activities for introductory physics at either the high school or college level. Topics include kinematics, dynamics, circuits, sound, electrostatics, and more. Includes a CD with professionally made videos, student activities, solutions, and Logger Pro setup files.

The Physics with Video Analysis book is a product of the NSF-funded LivePhoto Project. For more information, see

To learn more about the video capture and analysis features of Logger Pro, read the Overview of Video Features in Logger Pro FAQ.

Each Vernier Lab Book includes:
Complete student experiments with materials list, step-by-step instructions, data tables, and questions.
Teacher Information section for each experiment with complete directions for setting up experiments, helpful hints, and sample graphs and data.
Word-processing files of the student sections on a CD so that any experiment may be easily edited to your specifications (Microsoft Word for Macintosh and Windows files).