FX Graph : Single Perpetual Licentie

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Eenvoudig en veelzijdig grafieken maken.

„ Permanent gebruiksrecht op de persoonlijke computer(s) van 1 persoon.

„ De naam en voornaam die u vermeldt bij uw bestelling, zal geregistreerd worden als licentiehouder.

Powerful Graphing - Dead Simple

FX Graph 4 takes FX Graph to a new levels of power and ease of use. All of the old features are still there, plus a raft of new ones.

FX Graph is different to most graphing packages - it is dead simple. So simple that secondary students will be using it to solve problems within minutes of first seeing it.

Does simplicity limit versatility? Not with FX Graph. FX Graph has a large number of capabilities - far more than we can show you here.